Why Tamils must push their claims internationally

The government of Sri Lanka will continue to try and crush the Tamil Diaspora’s calls for freedom and independence and inevitably fail miserably in its task. By framing these activities as part of the “war on terror” is about as convincing as thinking Colombo cares deeply about the country’s minorities:

Sri Lankan authorities have commenced a new “operation” to counter international LTTE propaganda and other related activities with Tiger proxies now aiming on forming a transnational government for Tamil Eelam, the military said.

Military Spokesperson Major General Prasad… Samarasingha told Daily Mirror online that while the war in Sri Lanka has been won, Tiger operations still continue internationally and the government is now taking steps to address that issue as well.

“We have won the war in Sri Lanka but internationally the second phase of the war has started. Not only the forces, but the whole nation, including the people living overseas must get together and stop this international LTTE propaganda and activities. We will have to conduct a separate operation on that which the government has already started,” Major General Samarasingha said.

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