Why Zionist PR is failing (and will continue to do so)

Juan Cole has some useful tips that will be ignored by the Zionist establishment. For them, belligerence and accusing any critics of anti-Semitism is a way of life. All the while, Israel is committing a very public form of suicide:

1) Giving the finger to any ”˜peace process’
2) Hypocrisy
3) Disregard for the rule of law
4) Punitive Policies toward non-combatants
5) Violations of international law

Cole concludes:

Israeli policies are no more off limits to criticism than are Argentinian or Indonesian ones, despite what the country’s remarkably thin-skinned and intolerant partisans often allege. And, when the chorus of criticism is coming from Anglicans, Presbyterians, the UK Foreign Office, the Austrian Senate, and UNESCCO, that is a pretty wide set of world institutions not easily pigeon-holed as mere bigots. Maybe it is time for the Israeli government to reconsider the self-destructive course it is on, which likely will lead to the end of the state some decades hence, as Israeli President Shimon Peres is frantically warning.

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