Will there be a Baker-Hamilton plan revival?

With the obvious signs that the surge in Iraq is failing (miserably), not to mention the cracks appearing in the Republicans and what appears to be a backlash from the leadership at the Pentagon

Cheney’s “surprise” visit comes just one week after Condi Rice passed through the region trying to drum up support for an Iraqi security plan. What a joke. Iraqis won’t have security until US troops are withdrawn and the political situation sorts itself out. That’ll take years if not decades.

The (real) purpose of Condi’s mission was to open a dialogue with Syria and Iran to see if they’d help to stabilize Iraq. Up to now, the Bush team has rejected the Baker Commission’s advice to talk to the two countries. But that’s all changed now. Bush has put aside his ego long enough to address the “grave and deteriorating” situation on the ground and see what can be salvaged of the mission.

Let’s hope that common sense and diplomacy will be forced upon the Bush Administration.

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