You can’t hide the reality, people

Why does Israel and her Zionist supporters always believe that the Jewish state’s international image is so dire because of bad PR? Jeez, it may have something to do with the fact that Israel is an apartheid state. Such uncomfortable facts can’t be hidden with a bigger advertising budget:

Israeli Ynet News reported Wednesday that the Israeli Forging Minister, Tzipi Lvni, stated that Israel is investing in a multi-million dollar campaign to improve its image in the world after its latest war on Gaza.

Livni stated that the Foreign Ministry is holding talks with the Ministry of Finance for a grant of additional funds for its campaign which will focus mainly on Europe and the United States.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry recently received confidential letters from a number of its embassies informing the Israeli leaders that Israel is about to be considered by some European countries as a racist state, similar to the former South African apartheid regime.

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