Zionist lobby in Australia? What’s that, a soft drink?

Just in case anybody was wondering, here’s a “progressive” Australian politician being asked about the independence of his party’s position towards Israel. Don’t believe a word he says:

Federal Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull, whose Sydney seat of Wentworth includes a large Jewish constituency, yesterday told the Herald intelligence agencies often arrive at views that are not forensically proven and the police investigation in Dubai was still ongoing.

“The allegations are not yet proven, let alone admitted,” Mr Turnbull said.

Mr Turnbull said he did not think Australian Liberal politicians were being cautious not to criticise Israel because they were conscious of not offending a vocal Jewish lobby in their electorates.

“Israel is a very good friend of Australia and we recognise Israel is in a unique situation as a state. It has a number of neighbours who are committed to its destruction. It faces an existential threat,” he said.

“Having regard to the close relationship between the two countries, it would have been a better judgment not to have taken any further steps,” said Mr Turnbull of the expulsion.

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