Israel the peace-maker (in their nightmares)

And Israel wonders why some responded to such blatant provocations in international law? Yes, far better if they had simply stood still and enjoyed the experience:

Israeli troops used tear gas and electroshock weapons during their brutal attack against civilians onboard an international aid convoy, a Greek activist says.

“They fired rubber coated bullets, tear gas and then used electroshock weapons on some activists,” pro-Palestinian activist Michalis Grigoropoulos told a press conference on Tuesday.

The Greek campaigner made the remarks after Israel deported him along with five other activists from Greece to the capital of Athens.

The Freedom Flotilla aid convoy was carrying hundreds of activists and journalists and thousands of tons of humanitarian aid to the impoverished people of Gaza.

Nearly 500 activists were detained and taken to the southern Israeli prison of Ashdod, while 48 others will be taken to Ben Gurion international airport to be deported to their countries.

The Greek campaigner also talked about the brutal behavior of the Israeli police, saying they had beaten up two Greek activists.

He added that those in detention were suffering wretched conditions at Ashdod prison.

“They made me sign papers on my expulsion, without me knowing what was on the papers because I did not have the right to a translator, a lawyer or to communicate with my family,” Grigoropoulos said.

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