This is what a large section of Israel thinks today

This was forwarded by a reliable contact in the US (both the video above and the story below):

I got this from a friend, Ran, who studies at Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva (south of Israel). It’s a demo organized by students SUPPORTING the flotilla slaughter. In local terms, these are not even really right wing students we’re talking about here, just the political centre of the Israeli society. Demos like these were held all over the country since yesterday (I saw several of them myself).

I talked to Ran earlier today, and he says the events in the BG University were scary though not surprising – the ambiance here, even on campuses, is becoming unbearable. It is important to mention that in principle all political activity on this campus is forbidden, and that leftist activists demonstrating outside of the campus during the war on Gaza last year were arrested. This demonstration was held with collaboration of the University authorities and contrary to these same authorities regulations. Ran asked to send it out – so that people would see how an Israeli campus looks like these days.

I’ll only add to that, for those of you who didn’t follow, that we held several demos yesterday all over the country, denouncing the slaughter and the siege and showing solidarity with the flotilla activists. Tomorrow another demo is planned in front of the prison holding the international detainees.

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