Listening to Jewish calls for Arab genocide

If true, why the hell is a US ambassador sitting through this?

Arutz Sheva (‘Channel Seven’), an Israeli media network that runs Israel National News (INN), reported that on Dec. 30, 2009, a rabbinical “congress for peace” proposed to U.S. Ambassador to Israel James Cunningham genocidal ethnic cleansing of Palestinians as “the Biblical approach to the dispute over the Land of Israel,” in the name of “the Divine will” .[1]…  –…  Gil Ronen reported that “The ambassador was visibly moved.”…  –…  “Rabbi Dov Lior, the Rabbi of Kiryat Arba-Hevron, said:…  ‘G-d gave the U.S. the power and influence to affect the rest of the world and supporting Israel is the key to America’s success.'”

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