Obama either takes Palestinian justice seriously (or not)

Australians for Palestine public advocate Michael Shaik publishes the following in the Australian:

Nine months since the end of the offensive, Gazans continue to live in plastic tents alongside the ruins off their homes because Israel refuses to allow building materials into Gaza. …  The Israeli government reasons that, by inflicting such punishment on Gaza’s population, it will eventually overthrow Hamas, but it is unclear how doing so will enhance its security.

In August Hamas fought a pitched battle with the al-Qaeda affiliated Jund Ansar Allah, which has exploited the desperation of Gaza’s population and decimation of its police force to establish itself in Gaza’s refugee camps.

Should Obama exercise the US veto to bury the Goldstone report so soon after having accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”, he would not only undermine his efforts to restore America’s stature as the leader of the free world but also seriously compromise the standing of the United Nations, which would have to concede that its Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not apply to Palestinians.

To its credit, the Murdoch paper provides some space (albeit very little) for such views. Most other Australian print outlets simply ignore the issue.

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