Who believes a word Israel says about Iran?

Seriously, who takes these clowns seriously? If the world listened to Israel, Tehran had a nuclear weapon years ago. The latest comical routine (via The Cable):

Israeli Defense Minister… Ehud Barak… said June 30 that Iran will successfully develop a nuclear weapon in “several years” if the international community doesn’t stop it.

“In my judgment … … if nothing will be done about it, within several years Iran will turn nuclear,” Barak said during his featured interview at the… 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival, conducted by… Thomas Friedman… of the… New York Times.

The estimate appeared more distant than other recent statements by top Israeli leaders. “They are getting there, and they are getting very, very close,” Israeli Prime Minister… Bibi Netanyahu… said in March… about Iran’s nuclear clock.

Barak repeated the Israeli government’s insistence that Israel reserves the right to strike Iran to prevent Iran from going nuclear, even without the cooperation or approval of the United States.

“We cannot afford delegating the decision even into the hands of our most trusted allies, which are you,” he said to applause.

But he also said that there are no differences between U.S. and Israeli intelligence estimates on the progress of Iran’s nuclear program.

“Several years ago the [2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate] raised some questions. Now there are no differences between our intelligence,” Barak said.

When asked by Friedman if U.S. President… Barack Obama… is a friend of Israel, Barak said, “Yes, clearly so.”

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